Linda Udell Zakheim


The daughter of Jaxson's founder, Linda grew up in her dad's store. After earning her degree and balancing a career in social work with raising two children, her passion brought her back to the family business. Today, Linda is proud to keep her dad's legacy going and she knows he is watching over Jaxson's and smiling knowing that the family business continues to make people happy, one scoop at a time.

Jerry Smith

General Manager

A CIA-trained chef, Jerry worked side-by-side with Monroe for more than 22 years. Today, Jerry is responsible for overseeing all of the day-to-day operations and ensuring that Jaxson's continues to carry on Monroe's fun-loving philosophy. You're likely to see him at the take-out window, making one of our 50+ homemade ice cream flavors, or strolling around Jaxson's. If you see him, be sure to say hi!

Mark Arnold

Kitchen Manager

A highly-trained chef, Mark believes that the most important thing you can do in the kitchen is to use quality ingredients and add in lots of TLC (that's ``tender loving care`` for those of you new to the lingo!). Mark has headed up the Jaxson's kitchen for more than 16 years. It’s his dream job, and his passion shows in every delicious dish he serves up.